It has been a very hard job for the Commission  to choose among more than 70 films, one better than the other, but now the Al Ard Doc Film Festival Staff is very pleased to announce the list of the films which are going to be screened during the XIV Edition of the Festival.
We are very sorry for the ones left out, but we want to remind you that it is possible to participate next year, in the XV Edition.
Good luck to everyone and thank you so much for the amazing participation and for your support to Al Ard Doc Film Festival!
Al Ard Doc Film Festival Staff




Forbidden Pilgrimage, by Ahmad Damen

The Wanted 18, by Amer Shomali

I am Not Disabled, by Mohammed alSawaf

A Journey through Islam, by Benedicte Pagnot

Emwas..Restoring Memories, by Dima Abu Ghoush

The Bitter Ink, by Elia Ghorbia

Six Fingers, by Fadi Idris

Open Life Sentence, by Fayek M.S. Jarada

The treacherous Aegean Sea, by Hala Bou Saab

The War of Disability, by Hanaa Mahameed

Open Targeting, by Haya Masry & Bara Haj

Kafana, by Juan Antonio Moreno & Silvia Venegas

Gaza and Life, by Lana Naim

Le Verrou, by Leila Chaibi

Empty Desert, by Linda Paganelli & Silvia Boarini

The Sheperd Women’s Secret, by Basma Sweity

Jasmine Necklace, by Qamar Shbaroo

Jerrycan Water, by Rabeeha Allan

Remember your name, Babylon, by Marie Brumagne

Encounter with a lost land, by Marise Gargour

Death Tunnel, by Mohamed Harb

Land Call BDS, by Nagham Hasan

Detained Dreams, by Nisreen Silmi

Resistance without Arms, by Omar Kayed

Non Servo il vostro esercito, by Essam Bilan

Saida Despite Ahsed, by Soumaya Bouallegui

Nevertheless Al Quds, by Unai Aranzadi

Coffee for All Nations, by Wafa Espvall

You reap what you sow, by Alaa Ashkar

Another World in Your Eyes,by Valerie Malek

Waiting for Godot while

waiting for himself, by Ramia Beladel

12 Women and a Thread, by Carol Mansour

This was Hasankeyf, by Tommaso Vitali